A Conscious Conscience

Image“Poverty calls us to sow hope…. Poverty is the flesh of the poor Jesus, in that child who is hungry, in the one who is sick, in those unjust social structures.” ~ Pope Francis

So it certainly seems as though we’ve come a long way as a people; from the days of being at mercy of the elements to now as we manipulate and control their effect on our lives. But have we come far enough collectively? Spiritually? Have we truly progressed as a people? In the season of winter, in the spirit of Christmas as we approach the Twelfth Night, have we changed for the better? Or have we become subdued by the commercial consumeristic nature of men?

Recently, the words of Pope Francis sting my mind with a sense of clarity and of hope; for consciousness to shift higher than ever known… if only the people of the world will take heart to hear a message of truth. A message to the world was delivered upon Christmas Eve, on a night where most of the world is filled with joy, in the arms of family. In my opinion, this simple message was a call to awaken and bear witness to the reality of the world before it becomes too dark to see. No matter if it was a message to Christians, Jews, Muslims or any other religion.. it was a message to the people of the world, and we all should kindly open our ears and our hearts.

It is illogical and impractical to live as we do; full of greed, want and desire. This desire for material gain has plagued the world for centuries, and only has become worse with every passing year, with every new gadget constructed, with every new “advance” in technology, and with every new law passed. These material things are superficial, they are irrelevant; only deemed necessary by society, counting on the people to believe that they need them.

Why must we live in such a vast world with such abundance to be shared, where so many have so little, and so few have so much? This question plagues my mind every single day as I pass by those on the street, bundled in rags and torn blankets. Some stay quiet with their heads buried in their chests, savoring what little warmth they can steal. Others hold out a hand, asking for a bit of help, a small gesture of kindness or even just a slice of bread. These are our people, our silently overlooked brothers and sisters, that outnumber the rich by thousands.

They say you can judge a culture by the actions of its people. But what of a culture’s inaction? Does this weigh on the opinion of others? Or is it just a sad truth? The fact remains that this is indeed a truth, and a reality that could be changed if our people care enough to see it be so.

It is time for a change in not only consciousness, but of conscience as well. We should strive to foster a conscious conscience, one that sees life and all people with the heart, and not the eyes alone; one that cares little for the next version of the iphone, or the latest electronic mind numbing gadget, but cares only for the well-being of his neighbors.

While still living in the spirit of the holiday season, at the coming of the new year, challenge yourself to see past the smoke of consumer driven madness. Look away from these things that are considered “valuable” and “necessary.” Realize that only love and compassion for all beings is what true fortune is. It does not hide in possessions, money, fame or status. True fortune; true happiness lives within the human spirit, and the key to unlocking this great power is already in your hand.

If we all take the time to wake from these dreams of sparkly desire, we may just save our brothers… and ourselves.

~Happy Holidays~

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21 thoughts on “A Conscious Conscience

  1. thanks for the reminder – it has never failed to amaze me that on this little miraculous blue planet of plenty there is such want – is it not a matter of mismanagement of resources and inability to find a system of distribution which would bring that plenty to the lowest levels – all our systems have failed in this – we know not how to distribute – can we learn from nature? Each morning i see the birds wake up and forage and each morning they are fed enough that in the afternoon they have time to roost and clean their feathers and sing their songs – He knows how to do it but when He leaves it to us we do not – the saddest part is that the miracle of creation man is to be found in a state of hunger and poverty whereas animals somehow are taken care of – are they wiser and more in equilibrium than those who have tasted the apple?

  2. Christmas is a beautiful time I think. It’s a time to ponder, to reconcile with the world, with people, and with myself. During the mass in the local church, people get quiet again, and forgiving. Then I get reminded of that thing that reunites us as a people, Love, and my heart feels warm again, even in a period when if had felt so cold.

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