Living Intentions

Image“Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.” ~Brenna Yovanoff

Intention.. The word itself is interesting, as it is considered a noun. However, this word can be regarded as an action, or a prelude to a specific action or set of actions. Intention is in a sphere all its own. We harvest our lives based on our intention. Our intention sets our feet in place on a path. Intention shapes our decisions, actions and ideas. Intentions are the first footprints of goals, dreams and achievements. But… so little attention is paid to intention. It is given little thought. But, this basic intention is much more complex.

We all have intentions when we open our eyes in the morning. We “intend” to do specific things, get things in order, run errands, finish that novel.. etc. We all have different intentions; some noble, some not-so-noble, some cruel, some genuinely kind. These intentions begin as thoughts, desires, needs and necessities; and we go about our lives achieving things through first “intending.”Though this seems like a concept that any child could understand… we still barely understand what our intentions can manifest. 

A first intention can be subtle, or it can be a powerful feeling. It can bring thoughts of wild wonder, or a sense of comfort. This is only a small part of the power of intention. When we intend, we are–in effect–pledging our desires; projecting our ideas, needs, goals and aspirations to the world, to the universe. Setting the intention, and being aware of this silent pledge, can bring everything we need directly to us. We must only awaken to the nature of allowing the fruits of our intentions to be recognized.

Setting an intention, whether it be for love, money, careers, education or anything should be a deliberate action. It should be a ritual; a meditation. For when we deliberately intend, and allow our needs to be recognized, we then are on the first stepping stone to achieving our goal. In this moment, we are projecting out our desires.. We must harmonize with the world when we set our intentions. These simple fore-thoughts have the power to shape every decision we make after the intent is established.

Intentions should be harmonious with our world, with the lives of others, and in good graces with our own mental, spiritual and physical health. That which promotes the well-being of all is the most noble of intentions, and the most humbling, and the most genuine. We should all set out intentions everyday, as a waking ritual; a morning gift to the world. 

We all set our intentions, but we must be in tune; in clarity and in unison with what our intentions can bring. Make your intention in the heart first, the mind second, and see the light of the world grow brighter with every action thereafter.

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17 thoughts on “Living Intentions

  1. One of the interesting things about “intention” is its etymology. In both early and later Latin, it meant “a stretching out.” It is easy for me to mentally set well-aligned intentions, but often very hard to stretch out and lean toward them enough to actualize them. How do we transform the impulse behind intentions into the energy to make them happen?

    1. The impulse behind intention, for me, is intention itself. It comes from within. And as with any other practice, one must be in tune with his intention with the heart, and truly uphold the essence of it.. no matter if we lose sight or motivation. This is why I believe that the intention itself should be part of a meditation, or a meditation within itself, woven into one’s daily routine. This way it is constantly remembered and constantly being a default decision making thought; one that adds weight to every decision.

      1. Thank you for this lesson. I like the idea of intention being a default setting and will work to make it so for myself.

  2. You have an interesting way of looking at things. If God is at the center of your life, then your intentions should be honorable. However, like you said we are not perfect. There will always be those who need, for whatever reason, to make life miserable for themselves and those around them.
    I’ve decided to follow your blog. Thank you for following mine. I hope you will continue to find articles of interest.

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