“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new, and trust the magic of new beginnings.” ~ Meister Eckhart

The picture here is one of my most vivid memories. It is ingrained in my mind, branded upon my heart and lives as a signpost of change; a threshold to be crossed mindfully, one that beckons new, brighter days and humbled beginnings. It is the mighty Mississippi. Not only does it divide a great continent and form the border between my southerly neighbor, but it forms the border of consciousness, a crossing; one that is ever leading toward higher atonement. It signifies the precipice of new thought, new horizons and new beginnings. It signifies a new sphere, one not traveled or explored; the other side of thought, a new shore. The unknown lives there, across the bridge of the heart and mind.

Meister Eckhart is true in his phrasing. Suddenly we all feel this sensation, that gnosis of primitive origins. We know when it is time to start again, begin once more, try new things or.. to try that old thing that we haven’t yet applied ourselves toward. It is in trusting our intuition, the grace of our divine nature, that we begin new endeavors and look bright-eyed at the world as though we were all once again children. It is in this moment that we realize our vestige. We reach into our creative force and produce our greatest work; our true Magnum Opus to the world, and to ourselves.

I came upon both this image and this quote randomly today. These came with a moment of clarity, and in perfect timing. And here, I must thank Carmenseekstruth for the synchronicity of this timing.

The picture is one I took last summer, and though the river is high now, the image today is still one of lush green, flowing water, puffed though ominous clouds and still to me gives the notion of solace, happiness, revival and grand beginnings.

It was the same then, when I first marveled at crossing this river at the age of six. Now over thirty years later, the feeling has never changed. It has grown louder, stronger and is more present in my life than ever before. It represents the flow of thought, the flow of time and the ever present flow of creativity and life.

We find ourselves often flowing along, trying this or starting that. Sometimes we finish, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But sometimes, between the spaces where dark and light meet, we have a great swirling of thought. This thought combines with our energy and grows. It becomes an idea, and takes residence in our hearts if we’re so lucky. There in the heart it is nurtured, it is watered and fed. We give it life.

Today, in such a distracting world, it is often hard to find the place where our hearts can nurture new ideas, to begin anew and not falter along the way. Often it is said that the greatest works of art, writing or music are never realized. This is because they never make it further than an idea, they never have audience, and they never see the page, the canvas or the stage. We must all embrace our inner magic, have the diligence to release to the world our hearts, our ideas, our desires; our magic creations inspired by the nine muses. We must begin, we must start.

Beginnings are marked with a spark. For this divine spark to be fanned into the flame takes courage, perseverance and fortitude. Without our desire, this spark is only a glint in a moment of time; a tiny insignificant spec that lived for half a second.

Shouldn’t we all catch our spark, fan our flame and carry the fire?

Why not give it a shot?

The world needs our voices, and too many sparks are vanquished by declining to try. Today, I hope that we all try. I hope that we all can have that moment of clarity; a moment where the magic of new beginnings are realized and acted upon; a moment of truth, vision and love.

If it is altruistic, creative, full of love, happiness or hope, then for the sake of the world… Realize its creation. Start.

The greatest things are all willed into existence. But it all must begin within.

Today, start. Tomorrow, start. And the next day, again, start. Never stop.

This moment is all we have, and we all will never be any younger than this very second.


Beginnings are gifts. I choose not to waste them. I hope you all will do the same.


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4 thoughts on “Start

  1. Oh my goodness…You’ve done it again. Your love in the words you express and share is so palpable. Your words carry such a deep loving intention to touch people’s hearts. Your message resonates with my heart and soul and I join you in the same intention to inspire others to step out and share who they really are. At our core, we are all pure loving beings longing to stay connected one way or another.
    I certainly agree with ‘new beginnings’ I seem to ‘start again’ continuously. And every time I do, I expand my capacity to express all that I am and all that I’m not.
    Continuous learning and growth.
    I LOVE new beginnings. Especially when the end of ‘something’ shows up! and it’s time to start again and again and again. . .
    Thank you!!

    p.s. Synchronicity has a sweet tender feel to it, don’t you think?

    1. Thank you kindly for your thoughts and comments ๐Ÿ™‚ And, yes, new beginnings are the bright compliment to all endings. I feel as though most people tend to focus on the ending, rather than the opportunity to harness a fresh start, continuing the cycle with a focus on beginning. Hopefully this will shift! And of course! Synchronicity is always sweet, and makes me smile at its every occurrence. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love this and I am glad you wrote it in such a way that people who do not normally follow their dreams can see the joy of doing so. I can say that Ron and I have always tried to follow our dreams. Do so did not make us wealthy financially, however it did enrich us spiritually, emotionally, and we have memories we can share that are priceless to us. Thanks and hugs

    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ And what you’ve achieved is far greater than monetary wealth.. I think normally people want to associate fulfillment of dreams with financial success, but to me that’s just a small part of the gravy. If you’re not enriched by the pursuit of your dreams, then richness may never come in any form

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