The Compass

how-to-find-direction-in-life“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” ― Roman Payne

Everyone needs a direction in life, a call to action. This makes us move through our lives with a sense of purpose, a reason for being. Without this calling, this otherworldly “thing” that sleeps within us, we travel aimlessly about, wandering.

This is the sphere of direction.

Often we lose our direction. Our feet slip from the path. We become distracted by the clutter of our mind and the noise of the world. Our purpose becomes lost, and in this we also lose ourselves.

This happens to us all at some point. But our direction, our purpose, always lives within us. It never leaves us, though it may elude us for a while. This is the gift we are born with. It is ours to find, and then give back to the world.

As children we’re asked what we wish to be when we grow up. This answer is simple at the age of five, but it slowly transforms. Over time it changes, and it changes more as we grow and learn who we are.

At the age of eight I aspired to be an astronaut, then a few years later I couldn’t be happier with the thought of being an archaeologist, or a paleontologist, or a geologist. In my teens I wished to be a secret agent, working for the CIA or the FBI, and even then shortly after this time I wished to be whitewater river guide, none of which came to pass.

It wasn’t until I reached my mid-thirties did I realize that I never knew what in the hell I wanted to do with my life. And it wasn’t until then that I realized I’d been living my purpose my entire life. For me, I was born to create. I was born to express the beauty that I see in the world through words and art. I was born to bare my soul and give to the world the flooding rain of my heart.

But this is only my truth, my direction. This is the compass that moves me through life. It brings me to places that I never thought I’d see. It moves me to new places, into new experiences.

But, this is only my truth.

Finding our direction, our personal truth, is not easy. Sometimes, it finds us. It calls to us from the depths of our being, from above and through the firmament. It lives in the ether that we cannot know, but that which we can surely feel. One day it smiles at us, and we smile back, as though greeting an old friend.

In this life, as the winds of the four directions pass through and around us, we must remind ourselves that the path we choose is always the path we were born to walk. We may get lost. We may stumble and we will one day all come to the crossroads. But one truth begs to be known. This is the truth of the heart, the silent echo of the soul whispering to us.

The sphere of direction has its wanderers. It has its winds that blow us off course, and it has its waters that quench our longing thirst. It contains us all, but it is up to each one of us to find our direction, to live our days as our own legends and realize our dreams.

Be in accord with your heart. With this compass, you cannot wander.

Within the depths of your being you will find your truth, and you will find your direction.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “The Compass

  1. Hello, Jeremiah, again. gigoid here, from the past. I’d forgotten how beautifully you express complex ideas. I lost a lot of email notifications when WP made some changes, & only got yours back on recently… but, I’ll be back.

    Actually, I bought & read your first book soon after it came out, then gave it to my son to read… Now I’ve had a taste of your work again, you can count on seeing from me more often. Always a pleasure. Also found & followed another of your blogs; I hope I can keep up….

    Take care, & blessed be


    aka, gigoid, the dubious

    1. Hey there old friend, from the “past” as you say.. You reminded me of something yesterday, and I have to thank you for that. It comes at a time much valued to me and I actually wrote about it in today’s blog post. I’m happy to hear that you bought and read my first book and passed it to your son, for that I’m very grateful. Hopefully you’ll be glad to know that I’m currently working on another book and have been for some time now, but soon she will be finished. And yes I must say after WordPress made changes I too lost touch with several followers and those that I followed as well. But all good things come full circle, don’t they? Anyway, glad to hear back from you. All the best to you and yours.

      1. Good to hear from you… Aye, it’s good when the circle of life reminds us of all who dwell within our own karras. I’ll look for the post you mentioned; I should get a notice on it, but, if not, I’ll go over manually… I’m glad to hear you’re working on another book; I’ll look forward to that, too…

        Take care, my friend. Enjoy the spring….


  2. I found this post very moving. I find myself doing lots of bouncing from one path to another. I like how you talk about paths that you thought about taking. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I find that any path I choose is part of the larger picture along the journey of life, and it’s amazing to me to know how so many of our paths are interconnected, even if it’s only for a brief moment. Enjoy your journey(s) 😊

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