Revisit Me


“How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.”
William Faulkner

Everyone revisits their past at some point. Some dwell, some cherish the thoughts of times gone by, and some still ponder the meaning of certain happenings of their lives. Whatever it may be, we all have these thoughts at times as we immerse our hearts into thoughts of yesterday, in a sphere of times gone .

Not so often, when we least expect it, voices or thoughts from our past revisit us. They come calling at the randomness of perfect synchronicity. They spark from the void of memory, through the sound of a familiar noise, in a faint smell on the wind, or in a face that we haven’t thought of or seen in years.

Memories are then rekindled and flood the mind.

I often have moments like this, peaceful thoughts of peaceful times that I’m happy to remember are tossed at me in reflections. These moments are alive in my heart and will never be extinguished. So should it be for all pure things.

Recently I was reminded of a special place, a peaceful time of solitude. It was a simple moment, the time I spent during one cold New York winter, the many nights I sat by lamplight at my desk pacified by the sound of my own thoughts, and the day that I began writing my thoughts.

This moment of my life came and stood in the front of my mind, as if guarding me from my focus on the present. This made me give pause and relive those special moments, suspending my notion of time and understanding the feeling in a depth I’ve never known.

We are always learning from our past experiences, these are the blocks upon which we are built. Often they revisit us to remind us of that special place that we’ve since forgotten.

These are the subtle reminders of the soul. They speak through feeling and are bound by the heart of most high.

We should all take care to revisit our special places, our fond thoughts of yesterday. Without living in the past, without regret, we can always smile at those special times that shaped our lives, gave us direction, purpose and muse.

These places exist for us in the corners of our hearts that have longed for our return. They beg us to call out to them, see them once more, if only just once more.

Revisit your special place, that place of peace that gives your dreams life, and gives your life dreams.



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11 thoughts on “Revisit Me

  1. This is a wonderful post–and perfect timing for me. . .
    Thank you. Glad you’re back and going strong, I missed your absence earlier.

  2. Beautifully said, my friend. I think it’s timely, as well, for more than just you, or me; all of us need to remember the path inward, to the center…. and this is a signpost, for sure….


  3. Dropped by to say thanks for you visiting my blog and leaving a “like”. Enjoyed this post, it reminded me of the time I visited my elementary school and how it looked a lot smaller than I remembered it. My perspective has changed a lot from those days, yet those days a were the building blocks for some friendships that has lasted even to this day. Sometimes a smell or a sound throws be back to the past.

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