Final Thought: Know The Sphere


“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
Lao Tzu

The life of a seed is one that begs to be noticed. We often overlook this, as we see just a simple existence, basic, unadorned and not given to much contemplation. But the seed is the beginning of transformation. Within it lives birth and rebirth. Within the seed lives the essence of change.

Like all seeds, without water, growth will not happen. Life will remain stagnant, locked in place and unmoved. Without Earth, without a place to unfurl its roots, the seed will wander about, blowing in the wind, unable to fully realize the beauty of its life.

Without these things, a seed cannot begin life anew. It cannot thrive, it cannot become.

But when properly watered, properly given a place to dwell and properly fed and nurtured, the seed begins to change. It moves beyond the shell of its simple existence and sprouts into the world, offering itself back to nature, showing the world what it has become.

But the seed doesn’t stop here.

The cycle of the seed changes from a slender sprout into a beautiful flower. The flower colors the landscape and gives to its neighbor a sweet aroma that finds its way along a gentle breeze, perfuming the air with its scent.

It calls out to the honeybee, singing for it to come sit among its petals and taste of its nectar. It begs to be noticed, to be witnessed by its brothers in creation.

Isn’t life quite the same?

Like the seed, we begin small and simple. Then we grow. We learn and we begin to live on our own.

We all begin with the essence of change, the grand constant of the universe.

As our lives change, our ideas and thoughts change. They shift and they move, forming and evolving alongside us. Thought is but a seed among an empty field of Earth. And as it is planted, it grows.

But as it grows, it also changes form.

What was once slender and small, becomes full and proud. The thought becomes more than its former self. It blossoms from simplicity and blooms into a complexity of colors and vibrancy. It develops a philosophy and grows far beyond the Earth where it was first planted.

This one simple thought then reaches new heights, sprouts new thoughts, new ideas and new beginnings of thought.

Like a seed, when properly looked after and considered, our simplest of thought becomes a flower in the world. It calls out to its ether, to its neighbors in kindness, spreading its perfume, becoming aromatic among the world of self and man.

It forever searches for its kingdom empyrean, where it’s source must surely dwell.

As a seed transforms, so does life. And in doing this, so does thought always seek the higher realms of existential realization.

We should all be mindful of our thoughts, even the so simple ones that might make us smile for but a brief moment in time. For thoughts are the seeds of our life, the seeds of our limitless being, opened and realized in our conscious sphere.

The sage forever seeks to know the secrets of his thought, as he seeks to cultivate awareness of them, not simply to watch them pass and go at random.

Open your vision to the footprint of your thoughts. Watch as they grow and be wary of the feelings that emerge. These will lead us all on our journeys through life.

Thought is the atmosphere by which the seeds of life are given rain. They are the cultivators of dreams and the firmament of imagination. In them exist all possibilities, interconnected in a divine envelope wrapping the universe.

Know from where your thoughts come. Know this truth, and you will know your sphere.




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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

22 thoughts on “Final Thought: Know The Sphere

    1. Not exactly, no.. But it is the final post on this blog as it currently exists. I plan on starting fresh with things and exploring new thought, (redesigning this entire blog actually) as I feel I’ve come full circle with my thoughts on spheres. So, have no fear.. It’s only the beginning!

      1. This is a beautifully worded post. I also like to imagine that we should also look upon our history as we grow so that we will know the type of stock we spring from. ie In order that we are not too surprised when we discover a natural bent to our growth . ; )

      2. BTW, I hope that your new format will maintain your list of followers so that I will be able to view your new site and read your new writings,

      3. Thank you.. I’ve done a bit of research and plan on adding the 301 redirect so it should maintain the list, but as a precaution I’m in the process of making my own back-up Mail list just incase any issues arise.

  1. Just had mini-panic then read your reply above…apart from that, lovely extended metaphor and philosophical post. Thank you.

    1. No need to mini-panic 😊 I’ll post more details of the upcoming change soon, within the next few days, as I’ve already had several emails requesting it.. And thank you!

  2. I find you through your finding me only to get here at the final post. Obviously words my universe wanted me to see. Cheers to your new adventure. Hopefully I’ll find it and follow you there. Godspeed.

  3. Nicely done, my friend. Perfectly spherical presentation of the pertinent thoughts on growth, perfectly rounded into a new seed, waiting for the elements needed to bring forth the new….which I’m sure you will provide.

    Looking forward to whatever grows….


    1. Thank you, my friend. It is indeed time for a new expansion of heart and mind, and I could only have found it through the work that I’ve done here..

      I hope to see you on the other side. All the best.

      1. I hope changing the name doesn’t negate the notifications, but. I still get them for your other site, so, I’m sure I’ll find you….

        Blessed be….


  4. Keep us informed as how to follow. I know every time I have seen the title of this blog I can hardly wait to read it. Great post. You are pretty darn amazing. Blessings coming your way!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and humbling comments! I will be posting more information later today in an official final post, and plan on having traffic redirected to the new site. Hopefully no glitches! All the best to you. 🙂

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