Never Alone


“If a man cannot understand the beauty of life, it is probably because life never understood the beauty in him.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

I walk into the woods with myself, but I do not go in truly alone. I’m am with everything, as everything is with me always.

In these woods I affirm my truth, I affirm the light of the world, the beauty of the sun as it glances off the leaves, leaving the tree an amber glow still lush in green. I stand in with the gnosis of pure beauty, of natural light and innocence. I stand in the presence of something much greater than myself, and then I know once more..

I am never alone.

No matter the solitude I seek, I am never once solitary. I am never once left only to myself. For in the moment when I seek the solace of the sublime, it is in this moment when all is within me, and in this space of love I find all that I need.

All is given, and I carry it with me.

I move through the wilds, with sounds of hidden neighbors, and nature as my lamp. I see the breath of the world in the wind and its beating heart in the wild river. I see the face of the world as it falls as rain, leaving my skin moist with life and my thirst quenched with love.

I see the world here, I see the one world, not separate and never partisan.

And I know…

This world is part of me, standing as I stand, moving as I move, placing footprints upon a path that I walk along. I see its beauty, and its beauty sees me.

Be intrepid, it begs of me. Walk with purpose here and you will know hidden secrets.

This place is here, and it is there. It exists in the woods of the mind and among the fields of the naked heart. It exists beyond the door of the busy world, and within the frenzy of its busyness.

It exists in the wild and beyond the horizon, beyond sight, unknown to worldly vision.

This place begs to be found, even when visited.

Should we all search for our temporal Elysium, ever being fishers of the soul, we shall find in searching that we already know of its wonder, and we’ve already stepped upon its shore. It is within the grateful heart that we may open our eyes and see this paradise.

I find myself among the woods, in silence, but my heart beats a deafening vibrato. It tells me once more…

I am always in the world, and the world is always in me.

I’m never alone.

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18 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. Once again, I found great inspiration in your post today. You convey so clearly what we can sometimes get a glimpse of ..when we can experience a oneness with everything, the inner knowing that we are never alone!
    Thank you for describing it so beautifully!

      1. No! Sorry, I meant it was lovely and emotional, no reflection on your writing at all! : )

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