“Become the love you wish to give to the world.” ~My Thoughts

It resides within. Loving all without knowing them, listening to all things without hearing them. It pervades us, often eluding our present awareness. It exists beyond the space where we place our conscious thought. It lives in the most divine space, lofting among the interior song of the soul.

The heartsphere is alive within us all.

So should we choose to embrace this space between the mind and the higher realm, should we choose to travel among its wonder and take of its alms, then we will begin to know our most intimate passions, our most loving moments and the true words of our being.

It begins with the feeling of being present in this moment. It begins with a feeling of love, should we become aware of its majesty.

I often refer to this child that lives within me, this boundless love that knows only the sweet calls of life, and the most intimate passions that my mind cannot fathom. This child is the heart, and my youthful joy only it remembers, only it recalls the simplicity of living in tune with all things.

Only it recalls the pure, as it readily dwells in the kingdom that we all travel so far from each day.

How do we return to our inner kingdoms? How do we once again call upon the pure innocence of life, a life vibrating with the singularity of creation?

We must all enter the heartsphere.

In this place we speak with our soul. We know our thoughts as children, simply in wonder of our new and most cherished belongings.

We become masters of our day, and students of our higher self. We become alive with the fire of the living heart, the divine pulse of the universe.

We become one with our purpose, our passion and our love.

Let us all visit the heartsphere. Let us visit here often, regarding only the gifts of this life with gratitude, praising the abundance of knowledge and love that we are given each moment, each day.

As this present moment evolves within and around us, let us all begin a new journey within, to our secret place, to the place where only truth is found.

Welcome, everyone, to the heartsphere.

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I am an artist, writer, author, philosopher and lover of nature and life. My blog offers a glimpse into my world, my thoughts, my sphere. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “HeartSphere

  1. I love your message of the heartsphere and remembering the joyful child within each of us. A wonderful reminder to stay present and continue the inward journey. ~Namaste

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