Sometimes it’s Dad, Sometimes it’s Not


“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.”
Abbé Prévost, Manon Lescaut

A father can come in many forms. Sometimes it’s Dad…

Sometimes, it’s someone else.

We all have very special people in our lives, some by our family and others that we befriend over time. Some of these people come and go, and some have remained through all of our triumphs and trials. These people are those who have taught us, comforted us and held us up when we needed it most.

For some, for myself, and many others like me, we have had only a few, if maybe just one person in our lives who showed us how to live, how to mature and blessed us with the model for who and what we want to be in life.

Today, on Father’s Day, I’m reminded of the men who shaped my life.

My father, who struggled with his own life, was rarely a part of mine. And, if he was, his disposition wasn’t a pleasant one. He was indifferent to my brother and I, rarely spending an ounce of time with us or around us. I remember him as an angry shadow at best, one that ridiculed and mocked me and my brother for many years.

But I’m not one to harbor ill feelings. He is forgiven, and I do love him for being my father. And in truth, those memories are not gone from my mind, they simply serve as a reminder of what I choose not to be, and how not to live, and for that I am thankful.

Now, today, I am reminded of the one man who did shape my life, the one who showed up at the perfect time, and who remained faithfully strong and engaged in all of his children and grandchildren’s lives.That man was my grandfather, who is now four years gone from this Earth, no doubt resting above, watching faithfully and unwavering over all of his children.

I owe him more gratitude than I can count. I was taught how to look at life, how to establish goals, stand up for myself and make my presence known. I was taught to look at the brightness instead of the darkness, and I was taught to walk the path that I now plant my feet on.

I was taught to engage life, and never to hide from it. For this, I am ever thankful.

All in all, my grandfather taught me how to be a man, how to live, and ultimately,  how to raise my daughter.

Today, I wish I could look him in the eye and tell him, Happy Father’s Day. I wish I could tell him how he shaped my life, and changed my path. I wish I could tell him how much he helped me to realize that following passions are the key to achieving goals.I wish I could thank him for many things.

But, instead, I’ll look above, knowing that he already hears me.

Today, honor those men in your life who brought you up. Honor the ones who molded your experience and gave you something to strive toward. Honor those who showed their unconditional love, and gave their all, just so you could have yours.

Honor the honorable, even if he’s not your Dad.

Happy Father’s Day


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10 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s Dad, Sometimes it’s Not

  1. Very, very beautiful… Though your grandfather did the work of helping you to become the man you are, your father gave you the opportunity to remind us all that forgiveness is the first step in redeeming the painful portions of our pasts. Thank you for your example of forgiveness and for this wonderful post!

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