It All Matters

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“There’s a mess inside you: You clean the outside.”
Anonymous, The Dhammapada

Tragedy and loss; two words to describe the events of recent days. As everyone expresses how disheartened, sad and broken they feel for those lives lost, communities mourn for their lost loved ones, and look to the heavens for a reason why this horror continues. This is a sad day, as there have been many, but one that begs to be explored.

Evil begets evil. This is a simple truth, just as love begets love. They are two fibers that together weave the same fabric, binding the heart of the world we love, and the world in which we live. Even though we may see evil as separate and otherworldly, useless and carnal, it exists in tandem with purity and righteousness, with sanctity and good will.

It exists because it is allowed to exist. In the absence of love, evil will fill its void. We should all be wary of such things, and care to fill our voids wisely.

We all worry about this evil, this sadness, what we see on the surface as separate from our own selves, but the true way to fix this problem is by looking within. It’s a mess we all have to clean up, and it’s a mess within. It is up to each one of us to tidy up, clean the heart and brighten the world.

It all begins with one. And it ends with us all.

Then we come to the question of what truly matters. Of all the late movements, we hear such slogans proclaiming that certain lives matter. Within these we hear talk of unity, of togetherness, of gathering in hope and faith. But in the same movement we hear hate speech, bigoted phrase, protests and clashes of violence among brothers and sisters of the same community.

This separateness must not continue if neighbors are to live as neighbors.

Black lives matter. Police officer’s lives matter. White lives matter. The life of a child I’ve never even met matters. It all matters.

Everything matters. Every. Single. Thing.

As we mourn the loss of life, and the tragic taking of lives in retaliation of recent events, we must remember that this court of public opinion relies not on the gates of justice, but in the anger that permeates a separated society. It is an age old sentiment that has not changed much throughout time. It engulfs the rift between races, creeds and religions, and we have seen this time and time again throughout history.

This is how wars have been started. This is how genocide has been waged, and this is how we stay separate as people. In its continuance, togetherness, unity and love for our neighbors will never be realized. This I pray will one day change.

We must all remember that we are here together. What one does affects another, and another and another. This energy we create with our words, thoughts and actions does not dissipate. It continues on, and envelops the world.

If we have the power to hate, to judge and condemn, then we must surely also hold the power to love, help and forgive.

These are the powers of the human spirit, the tools of the soul. It is only through wise thought, tender love and compassion for all will we become one; a singularity of peace and love, as it was in the beginning.

Choose love, and remember that everything matters. Every thought, word, action and reaction.We must ignite the divine spark, fueling the fires of love. We must fill the heart with kindness, and reach out to our neighbors instead of condemning them without even knowing them.

We must show the world that everything we do leaves a mark, and our mark should be one that shines of love.

It all matters, and we all matter.

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9 thoughts on “It All Matters

  1. You are faith in action! Thank you for being light and love for the fractured and broken souls who seek the truth you deliver.

  2. Thank you for taking the time and having the heart to share your thoughts. Many people who were involved or witnessed these terrible events showed great compassion and noted the kindness/compassion/empathy of those who assisted them or others. These comments had nothing to do with our differences and everything to do with the healing power of love. May we all take your words and these examples to heart. May we all evolve into keepers of the peace on this earth who truly care for one another.

    1. Thank you.. It seems a constant battle between showing kindness and cruelty, but beyond all things love and light will always prevail. I appreciate your words and hope all is well!

  3. “Everything we do leaves a mark”–this says it all, Sir. If we could just keep that in mind before we do or speak… And your final line too, speaks to me–it is easy to get overwhelmed by the “everything”, and think I don’t really matter at all. Thanks for a great post.

  4. For a few months I have gone without purposely reading the news, and despite it, I still hear all about the bad news. Everyone matters but were so focused on our own stuff, and that messes with everyone else’s. Good post :).

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