Love at First Mention


“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
Dr. Seuss

For me, the summer is always busy. Many things happen. My daughter comes and visits for a long while. Days are spent with laughter and nights are spent relaxing. I used to think that in these summer months my regular routine of daily life was being put on hold. But in reality, it is in these moments where my life is truly being lived.

But that’s not the only thing that happens in the summer…

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves just how divine life truly is. Other times, life reminds us in its own fashion, in strings of beautiful moments that unfold perfectly.

We all have these moments. Some subtle, some profound. Regardless, these are the moments that truly shape and change our lives. It is with only our hearts that we recognize them.

With intuition we move across the void, aloft with the winds of change.

I’ve always considered myself a very intuitive person. Though lately, in recent years especially, it seems that my own intuition has been quickened. At times sensing beyond the surface of occurrence; placing bridges along the chasm of thought, bringing consciousness to into the realm of premonition.

This comes as a wave, a deep feeling or a sense that change is present. In truth, it begins at random, at the notion of something peculiar that catches the eye, or by the mention of something or someone that you cannot simply ignore.

It stirs the senses and in enters something that feels already known, yet it is something completely new, never experienced.

But we feel part of it. We feel that it has been known for a thousand years and finally has come back to us. This is the feeling of destiny, of fate and of placing the right step onto the path of life.

Recently, someone has come into my life that I feel I’ve known forever. Someone who has changed my life, strengthened my faith in the world and delivered a joy that I’d all but forgotten. It is through meeting this person that I’ve felt whole once more, free to see the world as I did as a child and move my heart into the beat of life, pulsing with a love I only could’ve known in another life.

But this was not a surprise. I knew it at the mention of her name. I knew it at the talk of her presence, and at the new joy that I felt to be only moments away from reaching my heart. I knew it before we’d ever looked into each others eyes for the first time.

This feeling, this presence of clarity and gnosis I can only describe as a love at first mention.

It is an awareness of soul, of destiny and of life’s purpose. It is atonement, being present in life to allow all blessings. And when what is truly inside our hearts finally becomes part of our waking life, we then have crossed the threshold of pure intention and have begun to truly live.

It is in these moments when the singular spark of all life ignites within us, and burns hot, propelling us into realizing our dreams.

It should be our duty to acknowledge this, and be grateful.

So today, I am more than thankful.

I’m truly thankful for all people in my life, all experience and all things that I’ve been blessed to have. And in this gratitude I say thank you to life, thank you to love and thank you to all the wonder and splendor that I’ve been privileged to witness.

I firmly believe that if we are grateful and compassionate in all our pursuits, then the prize is already in our hands, already won, already here. And this prize is life.

I wish all a blessed journey and a realization of dreams. May they all come, and may we all be grateful when these joys grace our lives.


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13 thoughts on “Love at First Mention

  1. I am so happy for you ! Yes gratitude is of utmost importance ! I feel your joy in this post , it gladdened my day I guess its contagious 🙂 this feeling of thankfulness

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