Always Gold

“All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien

Not all that glitters is gold, but sometimes some things are always golden. These are the purest things of life, the loves, the joys and the best days. All of these are ready to be witnessed with an open heart, whether our eyes can see them or not.

In life we wander with a budding sense of purpose. Some of us find it early on. Others may take an entire lifetime to get a glimpse of what truly lives in their soul. We drive on, reaching for this trophy, trying to get closer to what makes us happy, or to what we think will bring us happiness.

But, what we never consider is that this may all be but elusive; this happiness we seek. We look beyond ourselves for it. We try to find it in our relationships. We live vicariously through others just to pull a taste from it. We starve our passions for it and instead replace our hunger for life with things, money, jobs and status.

But in all of these things, it simply does not exist.

It is only when we look inward do we truly find it. It is never apart from us. It exists with us always, never fleeting, always changing with our own hearts.

I was reminded of this simple truth recently.

In a relationship that lasted half of a year, I lived happily, content and satisfied. But, it wasn’t mine. It was someone’s happiness, but not my own. It was my partners idea of happiness that fueled me. And in doing so I gave my power away to gain what I thought was a perfect bliss.

The underlying fact was simple. I was not happy. I was actually miserable. And I was miserable because I was not living authentically. I found myself growing more discontented day after day until finally the world crumbled around me.

But then I awoke and listened. I heard my heart speak and it asked me a question:

“Where have you gone?”

I’d lost myself in my own pursuit of happiness. The path I’d traveled with truth had disappeared from under my feet, and I found myself lost in walkabout, aimlessly wandering without my purpose. I’d replaced my own true purpose with an outward chase for a shrouded idea of happiness.

But now, I have found my way back home.

This idea of happiness only exists in the mind. True happiness is already at hand, found only within.

Beyond the soul exists our outward loves, our gifts of life; given to us by others and by life itself. But within, we are perfect, whole and complete without anything added. It is only when we want what we already have do we find ourselves without, lacking and yearning to fill a void.

But this void does not exist. There is no void unless we place it there ourselves.

Look to your passions, feel your heart. Happiness forms a smile within and can be felt all around the body of man. It can be felt in a room full of people, this warmth, this joy of life. It is pure ethereal energy, born within us all and its purpose is to be shared.

Go forth and become your happiness. Share your gold.

Share it, live it and love it.

This is why we are here.


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13 thoughts on “Always Gold

  1. Great post-it’s truth, that you are the author of your own happiness, and it’s never quite as far away as it seems πŸ™‚

  2. I have just solidified my own happiness from inside… No longer do I search without, and bound from place to place, person to person seeking what so wonderfully has always been simply, quietly and most profoundly… inside of me!! Welcome to you… back to being all of you!!!


  3. Thank you my sweet friend. I lost my dog – my best friend less than a week ago. She had been with me 24/7 for all her 7 years – and since I broke my back…moment by moment. I am not crying as much and am workin on stepping onward and upward. Your words this morning were a light to me and I thank you. Sometimes it is easy to forget what we have been given within. The Holy Spirit resides and only needs to be asked to help us remember – your words were an instrument in my healing. Love and blessings.

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