The Space Between


“For some people, “the point of no return” begins at the very moment their souls become aware of each others’ existence.”
C. JoyBell C.

There is a space that lingers between souls, forever binding and separating. This brings the bond of love, and it is that which confounds it all the same.

And I am the bond.

I am the moon as it washes the tide with light, and I recede into the purple sky as Venus comes calling on morning.

I wear the symbol of hope, and wield a sword forged in the heat of passion’s eternal flame, uniting the world of love without pain, leaping a chasm of broken hearts forever beating and crying to be set ablaze.

And when the bond becomes another, then I am free to charge on, changing form once more.

I am now the cannon, the blast and the smoke. I flutter beyond the breach of sound, lofting high above the firmament of sorrow. Then I speak softly to her warm ears, whispering a melody of life, to live without judgement, to live without regret.

But after the blast I’ll set my feet back down. And I’ll walk again.


And I walk carefully, blazing the path set forth by my own heart, with the high guidance of God’s love. It is here where I’ll move mountains and make the stream of life run swiftly again with clear waters, showering the Earth with only tenderness, giving life a pure sanctuary.

Then I should find my own sanctuary.

It is here where I meet my reflection, and look with soft eyes into my own soul. And I then see my true form, the movement of life within life.

Then as the waters ripple, I see her in me. And I know the bond was real.

It was in the space between us.

It was always there, to be touched, to be felt.

It was the burning energy between two hearts, one beating louder than the other. The other softly muffled by the love it felt. These hearts were never alone, never forgotten and never made to turn.

They were caste of the same metal. Forever forged together.

They were perfect. Perfectly bound together in the space where love dwells. Entwined in a soft embrace, touching gently and loving completely. They were bound for glory, these two hearts that knew nothing other than pure love.

And they still are.

They move forward, onward into the great mystery. Charged by life, heated by passion and shielded by truth. These two flames, engaged with one another for all eternity will know no other battle than the one they fight within.

And they will always be so,


As they love,

As they live in the space between souls.


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9 thoughts on “The Space Between

  1. WOW!!! I could just swim in the ocean of love and awareness that poured forth from this! I so appreciate the sharing. Happy New Year and blessing you with the best!!

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