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“But hurry, let’s entwine ourselves as one, our mouth broken, our soul bitten by love, so time discovers us safely destroyed.”
Federico García Lorca

If we may all look to our feet, to the ground that has held our knees against it during hard times, we may begin to see what has fallen. We may also begin to see what has broken, and what is still together.

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We must look closely now in this precious moment at what sits around us. For this is the moment of realizing the truth. This is the beginning of understanding, of reckoning and the first step in moving forward.

We will look around at what is broken, but not just yet.

Now is time to look within.

We must enter ourselves, go deep within the boundary of our divine spark, into the flesh of the heart and stand on the margin of the soul. This is where we finally come upon our own reflection. And, once we see our own true self looking back at us, then we can ask our questions

Who am I?

What do I want?

Why must this happen to me?

Why has this happened to me again?

Why am I broken?

Why am I in pain?

What is my purpose here?

No matter your question, no matter your desire for reason, it is only here where you will hear the soft whisper of life call back to you. It will only speak once you are still and quiet, inside yourself.

And when it does, you may be surprised to find what it has to say. You may find that your desires aren’t what you once thought they were. You may find that the sorrow you have felt isn’t all pain, but a simple choice and a chance to reflect.

And, you may find that your true purpose, your true path has been under your feet and in your hand all the while.

When facing the soul, when baring our truest form, we are naked to the world, naked to our own eyes. We are free and formless and we rise above all. We are then moved to our purpose, and spoken to with soft words born of kind love. It is here where we witness something else truly divine altogether.

We witness our birth and our death, all at once.

And in this moment, we remember what is most important. We remember what we have always known, and fully understand what we want to leave behind.

In this moment we feel love.

We feel the life that has moved around us and through us, and we become aware that we move with it, not against it. In doing so, this becomes our salvation. We look at what we are.

And we are simple children of love yearning to find our home.

All that matters is the love that we share. Whether this love is broken, or maimed or mending, it is just that, it is love. We need not suffer from it, as love knows no suffrage. We need not long for it, as love knows no longing. It is always here, right here for us to find within.

And then we turn our dwelling away from the pain and see that when surrounded by love, pain is no more. It is gone, and it was never even there.

In self-forgiveness and pure love, we emerge unscathed. Unbroken.

Now we may open our eyes.

Now we may enter the world again.


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11 thoughts on “Unbroken

  1. Once the self is lost, we feel compelled to find it, and, many of us don’t, and for those of us who’d found the lost parts of our selves, we’re able to find closures to our separate pasts…

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