“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. Then your love would also change.”
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

It is said that the heavenly bodies exert powerful forces over us. The spheres of the heavens, hurtling through space in patterns somehow, throughout time, have caused men to understand their world, their psyche and their spirit. To formulate ideas and to influence personal and worldly affairs.

Regardless if this is true, it would be naive to think that the planets and stars are simply just pretty lights placed in the sky with no specific purpose. They, like all of us, are a part of nature. And we are all connected throughout the universe.

It is true we exert and absorb forces, just as they do.

I write this as the latest new moon has unearthed the need for change and expansion, the need for allowing the new and saying goodbye to the old. The winds of change blow without pause, just as the moons of change dawn when our lives need it most.

Personally, I’m at the point in my life where a push from whatever cosmic archetype seems well needed, and in good timing. Things grow old around us, and by immersing ourselves in the old, the familiar and often times the unwanted, we too grow old, familiar and complacent.

And I’ve often said that the fear of complacency is what has always kept me pursuing new horizons, and sparking my desire for new adventure.

I can feel this call strongly again.

I recall a time not many years ago where the need for something new in life was ever present, and unavoidable. Change and upheaval were just as much a part of my regular world as waking and sleeping. And it has been a few years since I’ve felt such a deep and pressing feeling, but it is indeed here now, alongside the arrival of this new moon.

I feel that we all should listen to the call of our heart when it urges us to move on, to boldly step out of our box and into the world of possibility. We should pause ourselves in these moments, and in stillness we should feel what calls to us.

We should strive to embrace the new, to dust off our boots and walk tall among the mystery of life.

These are the invisible footprints that will guide us forward along our path, so long as we follow our own way.

We know when it’s time to stay, and we know when it’s time to go; when it’s time to be intrepid, to be guided by a force that speaks from within.

This must be done with purpose, with daring. We should embrace the constant force of change when it propels us forward, otherwise, we only stand foolishly firm against the current of our own lives

I hope we can all harvest the energy of the new moon, move on and away, allow the new to refresh the old. It is when our spirit is fully charged with this energy that we will open our eyes to the great wonder that sits just beyond ourselves.

It is in our daring that we gain our greatest experience. And it is only through love that we may dare to live fully.


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