“There are words in the soul of a newborn baby, wanting and waiting to be written.”
Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza

Image Credit Jackie Hewett

As the darkness comes upon us, the light only brightens around us. When the world seems to be perfect, the worst seems to unfold. And when we are at peace, war sits in the fold of the wild. We then venture out, only to experience all of these. Life is this.

This is life…

We cannot quell the notion of a perfect life. It sits ready; ready to be held, ready to be known. But perfection only exists on the throne of heaven.

Yet it exists in the small spaces of our lives.

Mostly..  It exists in the cradle of a babe, in our warm arms as we hold the sweet infant child that smiles with his eyes closed.. simply because he knows only love.

I have moved through many spheres of life, through many modes, places, phases and parts of this worldly experience. But none ever have come to seem so perfect, so chaotic and so divine all at once..

Until now..

I am a man of movement and change. Unlike many, I embrace this. But this time, I am not of movement. I am not of change.

I am of a righteous notion, only looking to keep peace beyond myself.

Without wander, and without wonder, I find myself upon a shore of confusion. Having moved far again, re-balancing my world only to have it knocked, moved once more to a place of mystery.

But this mystery is soon to be revealed..

New life, new hopes, new dreams. Not of mine, but of the son I may or may not have born into this world.

He is the mystery..

The mystery, the love and the light; this all includes the darkness of the unknown. But to this I say..

Reveal yourself. Be in the light. Be the child of God that was gifted to this world, to me or to another, I will love him the same.

And in his perfect smile I find only love.

I will find only truth.

I will find myself.

I will find myself no longer lost, no longer playing this game, but contented with the world and of it’s cunning paradox.

But in my heart, the truth is this:

In the end, no matter the seed.

I am you,

And you are me.



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