Time to Dance


“Life is the Dancer, and you are the Dance.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

That “time” is almost upon us.

Time, that elusive devilish dancer.

Nevertheless, It’s time.

Time for putting the year behind us. That year which was a building of moments, a space between what was once new, and now, that which is still new.

That which is still happening.

But, the year is more than a stretch of time. It contains many things.

Mostly, this has been a time of unconscious daily reflection into the past, and of unconscious projection into the future. As I’m sure nearly all of us have said, at some point in 2018, “later in the year I’ll do this, or I’ll have this.”

“This will happen, or that will happen.”

Just the same, many of us stayed safely tucked away for most of the year in a pleasant moment of yesterday. And yes, some of us lived many days in a painful moment of yesterday.

But whether yesterday harbored pleasure or pain, we were not truly living.

This year, we only truly lived in spurts of present time, as practical daily routines might’ve dictated. But when we were silent, when we were alone, when we were walking down the street, we moved our consciousness into the past or into the future, denying the present moment its natural place, here and now; where life exists.

In doing so, we denied ourselves to simply be present, which is the greatest gift of all.

We denied ourselves to be.

So this year of time has nearly come and gone. In a few days time, many will reflect on the last 365 days, and many will wish for new things for the coming year. Again, stuck in the space between the already happened past, and the unhappened future, not consciously focused on the present.

Perhaps this is just part of the season for me. But, as I have recently spent the last few days in deep introspection, I realized one truth that cannot be looked away from. This is the simple fact that our own present time is so infinite, so precious and so divine, that we are almost terrified of it. Because we avoid it at all costs.

We avoid being here and now because most of the time here and now really sucks. Or so we think…

Most of the time it’s full of pain, or full of desire. It remains a stagnant palace, full of what is lacking or what isn’t right. It’s full of what we don’t have, what we wish for or what isn’t “perfect.”

So, we stay where it’s safe. We stay in the pleasant moments of our past, or in our hopeful projections of the future. A dreamworld which we are permanently asleep within.

But for some of us, here and now doesn’t suck.

Yet we still avoid it to get to another place, a place yet seen or touched or even thought of. We avoid it because there’s more. There’s always something better than what we have right now. There’s a better way to live, more money to get, a better relationship to have, a better life to live, more of this, or more of that.

More to fill the cup that can never be filled, yet we continuously drink from it.

But we must ALL realize one thing.

We are only living in our mind.

Me personally, I’ll not go into the new year with tearful reminders of the past or of hopeful visions of the future. Though it is nice to aspire to achieve goals, and to reminisce on good times. Goals will be met in time. And good times will always leave their mark upon my heart.

But, being present with life happens now.

Living life, not living “mind,” happens now.

I’ll not go into the new year tired of yesterday or anxious for tomorrow, but instead, in joy of now.

I’ll not go into 2019 focused on want, or lack or what is “wrong.” But, instead, engaged with life, now.

I truly hope that we may all meet each other here, now, in our own present time. I wish for us to see each other, perfectly. As perfection exists here, now. And I hope that the light within me truly meets the light within you here, now.

As it should always be.

I hope that we all can step out of the void. I hope that we may leave the past where it “was” whether pleasant or painful. And I hope we may leave the future where it “isn’t” whether hopeful or daunting.

Because nothing has happened in the future.

And only our ghosts live in the past.

Only we can choose to live in our minds.

But, life is right here, and you are its dance.

It’s all




Happy New Year..

See you “soon.”

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