Time Portrait

Capturing time can be cathartic, calming and evocative. We do this in memory and with the photograph. This is a human expression of experience; and a very artful one indeed. We capture experience, bound forever in time on the pages of a photo album. We can also carry these portraits in our memories. The sphere of frozen time is a remarkable journey through the moments of nature, man and the universe.

Nobody ever steps in the same river more than once. Its water is continuously flowing, always moving and changing. The same can be said about the sun. The sunrise and sunset paints a different picture every day for us to smile upon. Light and shadow are never the exact same. The clouds and all the shades of blue, grey purple and white are always floating in new forms, new hues and color. We are always changing, growing and in motion; a moving picture of experience.

We try to capture these pictures in the art of photography, painting and with memory. If you have the gift of vivid memory, these pictures–when recalled–can channel muse, inspire and draw forth feelings of yesterday.Β 

Though we shouldn’t tramp in the past. It is a gift to keep these pictures of timeless moments. We should take them into the heart, and remember them always. We should remind ourselves that the spirit remembers these moments with vibrant color. For the spirit, these are continuous moments of a brilliant design.

I remember one particular sunrise over a foreign shoreline from many years ago. As the sun rose, it illuminated the barren landscape, reaped clean of its woodland. This was only due to the humans who lived there, taking from the land until there was barely nothing left. But the sun still shone brilliantly onto the land, shining brightly over the water, blindingly with golden ripples. I saw majesty, not ruin.

We all see things differently. No two men see them the same. As we look at the photograph of yesterday, we can see beauty or darkness. We can relive love and laughter, or recall a time of sorrow and regret. All is there to see and remember; and we all find what we search for.Β 

When traveling this sphere, we must know that our memories do shape us, and they have the power to make us relive those moments. I believe this is good. We can learn lessons that we may have forgotten or missed. We can remember love and conjure back heartfelt emotions of joy and bliss.

Take care to keep your memories. In these, you may find pain, or you may once again know love. Remember to look at the photograph with a calm heart. In doing so, you can revisit your experience with complete awareness. You will see what you need to see to find its truth, just as we all do.Β 

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38 thoughts on “Time Portrait

  1. I saw my first sunrise when I moved to Portugal last September..and I’ll never forget it..it was incredible..we sat on the beach and it was so still..quiet..all you heard was the sound of the waves..it took my breath away..
    Another great piece..

  2. I have often thought of the anon’ saying, “The mill shall never grind with water that has past”. When I get caught in troubling memories, this phrase run through my mind.

  3. I remember dragging myself out my depressing dorm room, waiting for the final diagnosis of my so-called disability. I saw the sunset on the side of Hudson and lost all my fear. I survived and I will continue to survive.

  4. words of on olde soul….

    Thank you for sharing

    Take Care…

  5. Beautiful! This entry is so relative for me πŸ™‚ I’m struggling through Post Concussion Syndrom and regaining my memories. I take pictures of everything! You have touched my heart. Thank you πŸ™‚

  6. Love this post! I cherish all my photographs, they are my prized possessions, and luckily O have a vivid memory! πŸ™‚

  7. Once in a while a memory comes by and even tears of pure happiness join. Just yesterday I was listening to the soundtrack of the Into the Wild movie by Eddie Vedder. Scenes of the movie, but specially how the movie made me feel back then, all came back and I had a sensitive moment of pure joy and contemplation. I freed myself from many of the issues I had then, I followed my path and it brought me here, now. And I felt thankful.

    1. That is one of my favorite movies, though its a very tragic true story. and I’m a huge Eddie Vedder fan. Sadly, some of the songs remind me of bad times, but others remind me of happiness. πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you for this: “Take care to keep your memories. In these, you may find pain, or you may once again know love.”

    I love this wording it touched me.

  9. Such wonderfully true words. Remember the past, plan for the future, LIVE in the now

    I blogged about my Dad’s loss of memories and stories as he disappeared into Alzheimer’s ove the past several years. Memories are to be shared, as is life and love. (http://yakkergirl.wordpress.com/categories/dad)

    It’ll be a year next month that we lost him, but that he was freed.

    1. Thank you. I too, just lost my great-grandmother to alzheimer’s a few weeks ago. It is a sad thing to witness as they drift slowly into oblivion. I only hope that one day they find a cure for the disease.

  10. I love this metaphor for moments.. ‘Nobody ever steps in the same river more than once. Its water is continuously flowing, always moving and changing. ‘ Nice one.

  11. I didn’t realise how a short post like this could turn out to be so insightful. The quality of your writing is astonishing, πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing this! β™₯

  12. I have always been drawn to photographs — images of any kind keep me fixated and mesmerized. Pictures have always been a way for me to understand things about others, my environment, and myself. My mind thinks in visuals so I relive things with much detail, I think it is why pictures mean so much to me. I can stop my visual mind for a moment and soak in the snapshot.

    The snapshot can reveal so much. It is how you describe so well here in your post. Thank you for yet another great post and thoughts to ponder.

  13. This was so beauitful and so true. I’m constantly trying to remember to take picture of every moment. I want to be able to relive many of them, and look back upon them many years from now. I tend to pass by photos whether it be at my home or elsewhere and either imagine what was happening in that moment or remember. We should all take more time to recall memories. And just as we take care to preserve many physical belongings so should we take care to preserve the emotions and thoughts of our mind.

  14. I find looking at a photograph with hindsight a bittersweet experience because of all that is known now but not known then. Something I’ve found myself doing is connecting to a photograph taken when someone I had lost was alive and knowing that in that instant they were in the world whereas now they are gone. To me photographs seem like a form of time travel I suppose!

    I found this post very thought provoking.

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