Love of the Game

What is competition? I’ve often pondered this sphere.. We see this in all cultures spanning both time and geography; the need for the race, the ball game or attaining the blue ribbon. We also see the wide-eyed spectator, just writhing to see his team take the gold, or score the winning point. There is a real lure to be the alpha, to be crowned the victor or to be the best. Our games mirror the sphere of competition.. but look deeply here.. For what we cheer for today, we surely spilled blood for yesterday.

Competition for food, water, land and mates is natural in the world. This was a very real and naturally accepted part of our ancient ancestors culture. Without prowess, guile or strength, a man would go without and surely die, as would his family. Competition has allowed for survival, adaptation and evolution.

Today, we have no real competition while shopping the aisles of the supermarket, or while browsing the real estate pages, water runs from a faucet and we need not beat our chest to find a mate.. But what has this shift done to social groups? Has it numbed the mind to natural law, to simplicity? To basic necessity? So that we only compete in regulation sports? Regulation debate? Job searches?

In first-world society, far removed from the raw truth of the natural world, we glide through life with ease, with little to no competition. Sadly, this is the ideology that our culture has progressed toward.. however, the basic competition that we once knew as ancient people is still waiting at the door. If society as we know it should decay or crumble, that basic competition for livelihood will be thrust back into the forefront for all people. Many would not be ready, nor know what to do.. This daily struggle for food, water, shelter.. the very basic necessities of all life, would once again become a permanent battle. In the pampered west, we know little of this empty-bellied pain, but millions of people around the globe still live this desperate reality.. every second of every day.

As we view the sphere of competition, note that this is part of the evolution of humanity, culture and life. We compete for fun in the greater part of today’s world.. no longer for necessity.. Perhaps this is the evolution of humanity.. the beginning phase on a move from competition to cooperation. But, would this perhaps stir a paradigm shift of social ideology? Instead of an “every man for himself” mentality, perhaps we could usher in a “all or nothing” mentality.

While you watch your favorite team today, whether winning or losing, remember that these games are nothing more than the new face of an old, but necessary part of life. Whistles and cheers from the stadium showcase the once crude reality of basic survival in an unforgiving yet beautiful world. These games show how far we’ve come in our ability to adapt and survive. They show our ingenuity and our ability to shape the world to fit our needs.

Though war is still waging abroad, and communities fight in many corners of the globe.. The days of competitive survival are dwindling quickly. Despite the wars being fueled by some political innuendo that we need not discuss, for the most part, we no longer wage battles for survival, instead, we battle now for cheers and trophies.

I would like to envision a world of cooperation.. Not one of whimsical utopian fantasy, but one of practicality; a world of brothers.

Be wise, be cooperative and be compassionate.. This I hope to be the new evolution, one of wisdom and knowing no competition except that of kindness.


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