New Eyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”~ Marcel Proust


In all my travels, as far around the globe as I’ve been, the most real discoveries I’ve ever made have been what I’ve found within myself, and in the moment of fresh perspective, a moment of seeing with new eyes.

Here within the walls of the heart we walk a new path, and as I wander so do many others.

It is a range we all travel. And on many a range there is built a home. But our home is not ever enough at times. Sometimes we must travel far just to remember it was there all the while. We must travel along the veins of emotion and down the deep valley of self discovery. We change in this moment always, without knowing why, without awareness of it.

And then, life happens. And we become something.

We become a thing sometimes. This thing is a monster, wrapped in a cage of thought, opening only to the trials of life, the key held by our own darker self. This thing is a monster, alive in us all.

This thing is rage.

It is rage that dawns in all hearts. This rage lives under the soul, beneath the force of light that keeps it tame. It masters our soul with time, and once ready, when the cage is broken, it becomes loosed in our lives.

We are then men of war, of storms and of toil.

Sorrow follows it down. Words of spite that barb like splinters fuel its thirst for life. It becomes a moan, loud in the world of men, and echoes through the heart like madness freed.

Rage becomes the eyes. They burn red with fire of hot iron and pierce hearts as arrows of steel. Mercy is not known by these eyes, as shadows of life faded with old love stain all walls it sets sight upon.

Rage becomes the mind, stinging the darkness with thoughts that no man can dream. Darkness itself becomes frightened of this rage, retreating far into the night, fading, dying to the light of full moons.

Traveling the range, we then remember.

But we are not rage. We are not of dark hearts. This rage is quelled by the light of truth, by new eyes able to see beyond the plains of chaos and into the bright fields of love.

And along the range we find our new eyes.

It is new eyes that see. They see past rage, past the moan of our sorrow and far again beyond the darkness that settles on the broken. These new eyes welcome the parting of our old useless world. They long for the destruction of our old lives.

And, once alive with eyes of truth, we part ways with a life that serves us no more.

We then become gratitude.

Rage begets horrors. Anger destroys the fire of life we carry with us all. But, under the blanket of truth, this hot iron is cooled. We look on with grateful eyes, and the past is then only a spot behind a burning bridge.

This rage, this once bright fire able to brand all men in shame is no more when looked upon in truth, when looked upon in discovery of self and in breathe of soul.

We should all look on our lives with new eyes when we feel the pain of old utter its sharp words. But, we must travel the range to do this.

In gratefulness we see our home still sitting proudly upon the range of our hearts. In truth we find the path back home, and we travel there.

Not wandering, not directionless. But with new purpose, with new life awaiting at our hearths threshold.

And in new eyes we find what was once lost to the world.

We find again, ourselves.

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10 thoughts on “New Eyes

  1. I’m not often at a loss for words, but this post has left me almost speechless. Simply put it is profoundly the truth and one that I need to share with others, one in particular. But you have put it in words far better than I could have so I’ll reblog this with a prayer that all my followers will take the time to read it! Blessings, Natalie 🙂 ❤

  2. Such clarity in your thoughts and the power of your articulation – coming from the depth of heart and experience on a profound topic like this is immense. Thank you for lighting the path of many with these pearls of wisdom. It not only has a personal appeal but is also universal in its message.

  3. Lovely. I’ve been trying to keep up with my “new eyes” experiences lately and finding time to write them down. I did come across old entries in my journal and realised a lot of things have changed since then.

    What I can also take away from what you’ve written is that we cannot escape from the Self, it’s always with us wherever we go.

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